Moringa Mask: Carriers For Different Skin Types

Packed with vitamins and superfoods, MORINGA MASK is a customizable facial treatment suitably adapted to treat most skin types. More than just a mask, this customizable facial is packed with vitamins A, C, and E to encourage rapid skin cell renewal, smooth uneven texture, brighten, stimulate and boost collagen production, all whilst hydrating and soothing the epidermis. MORINGA MASK comes in powder form which is activated with a carrier of your choice: water by default, or yogurt, GOLDEN HOUR, honey, JASMINE ROSE water, etc. Different skin types crave different carriers. Here is a guide to help you customize MORINGA MASK for your skin type. 

OILY skin

For oilier skin types mix MORINGA MASK with our MORINGA MELTDOWN cleansing oil for a deep cleanse. It is often thought that oilier skin should avoid facial oils, but on the contrary,  while some oils might be too heavy, lighter oils like Moringa and Rosehip can help to regulate sebum production, limiting breakouts, restoring overall balance.

DRY skin

If you have drier skin and are in need of some hydration, try mixing your MORINGA MASK with GOLDEN HOUR. Our botanical serum is packed with Omegas 3,6,9 and 7 to help retain moisture for lasting hydration and strengthen the elasticity of your skin on a cellular level.

Don’t have GOLDEN HOUR? Try mixing MORINGA MASK with banana or avocado which are provide a rich source of fats and vitamins A + B vitamins for the perfect tasty pamper.


For skin that is both dry and oily try mixing MORINGA MASK with (goat or coconut) yogurt to help balance the microbiome, rejuvenate, and soften the skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid, a naturally occurring AHA which is present in many exfoliators and helps to break down and dissolve dead skin cells. This combination will gently exfoliate the skin leaving you with a supple, natural glow. 


If you have normal skin, which isn’t overly dry or oilier, combine MORINGA MASK with water to create a paste of your desired consistency. You could also try mixing MORINGA MASK with our adaptogenic 3-in-1 mist, JASMINE ROSE WATER, to tone, soften and deeply nourish while balancing your pH and overall complexion.

Take your time and enjoy the experience. Before you start your wellness rituals, sit with your person and understand its needs to create a paste exclusively for your skin type. Experiment with different consistencies and carriers to find what works best for you to maximize the benefits of this customizable facial treatment. The combinations are endless!