Healing the skin holistically goes beyond treating unwanted skin symptoms with skincare products. It's about understanding and addressing the root cause of the ailment(s) which are frequently linked to dietary imbalances.  

A whole-body connection is key when optimizing skin health. A healthy diet is important when battling acne, reducing inflammation, and boosting the skin’s immunity. Four foods you should stop eating to avoid unwanted flare-ups are:


Foods with high sugar content cause your body’s insulin levels to spike. This extreme overdose of insulin increases the production of oils in the skin, which leads to your follicles and pores clogging up with sebum.


Milk has a significant impact on our insulin levels and insulin resistance. High insulin levels produce a hormone called androgen. Androgen triggers the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil than is required, which is one of the main causes of cystic acne, or hard, painful bumps under the skin. 

Hydrogenated oils

Most processed or packaged foods (including those labeled as "healthy" and vegan) include these oils. These are trans fats that are created by adding hydrogen to liquid lipids for the sole purpose of extending their shelf life. They have no nutritional value.
They are highly inflammatory, which can worsen existing blemishes as well as develop new breakouts.


Consuming alcohol in large quantities can alter your hormone levels. When hormone levels are altered, our skin produces a substance called sebum which clogs our pores with oil and bacteria, eventually causing painful breakouts. 

When treating the skin as a coherent whole, connecting it to our mind, body, and spirit is essential. To achieve a radiant, youthful glow, we must take care of each and every part of ourselves to ensure overall harmony.