Red Lentil Enzyme

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Description of Red Lentil Enzyme
Details  Nature's Botox in a bottle. Contour, refine, lift, firm, and gently polish with USDA organic red lentils, chickpea, and turmeric. Boost collagen production to tighten pores, fine lines/wrinkles, and correct the overall appearance of skin tone and texture. Antioxidants to slow down signs of aging by preventing and minimizing cell tissue damage against oxidative stressors. Rich in protein (collagen), amino acids (the building blocks of both peptides and proteins in your skin to maintain hydration, texture, resilience), potassium (to balance pH), and essential minerals and nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, to deeply nourish the skin from the inside out revealing an overall supple, youthful, healthy glow. Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and beta-carotene to minimize pores, brighten, combat acne and blackheads, correct pigmentation, and support/strengthen the skin’s immune system. Regenerate, renew, and reveal better skin with every use. 

Red Lentil Enzyme is a MASKFOLIANT meaning you can use it as an exfoliant and/or a mask.

Application  As an exfoliant: activate with water to create a thin consistency and gently massage into clean, damp skin, rinse in an upward circular motion. As a maskfoliant: Mix 2-3 scoops with water to create a thin paste and massage into clean skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes or until dry. Your skin will get tight. Pat gently with water or a warm towel to release the mask from the skin and gently rinse to remove in an upward, circular motion. 

Now that your skin is clean, it is ready to be replenished. It's important to hydrate after sloughing off old skin cells. Apply 3-4 drops of Golden Hour to the face, neck, & decolletage.

Ingredients  Lens culinaris (red lentils)*, Cicer arietinum (chickpea) powder*, Adansonia digitata (baobab) powder*, Curcuma longa (turmeric) powder*.

*Certified USDA organic, vegan, and cruelty-free 


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